Mountain scenery

This is where the Andreilian people live.

This is the region of Andreil, deriving from the language "Apoca" meaning "Beautiful".  The population is only a tiny number of 12,000 making a small city in the mountains and forests. 


Andreil was "formed" by the people of the ancient realm of Quadar when the rebels were fleeing from their King.  Though the King was eventually murdered by the Yamaian people, they fled deep into the moutains and woods of the now-known region of Andreil.  The people there hide, and they never come out from their hideout in the mountains unless it is to trade for a dragon with the wood elfs of Ninjaduck Island.

Culture & The PeopleEdit

The men are typically the workers in tools and weaponry. They are the hunters (with the exception of some extremely worthy women), and they are the protectors of the family.  Each generation,only one family, typically the Carrow family) is granted by the Council (see Government) a dragon in which that specific family utilizes to help and to protect.  The women of Andreil work in the fields and live there until they are at the age of 20, in which then they marry a man of their choosing at a Choosing Ceremony.  At a Choosing Ceremony, the men of higher value choose their desired wife, and then the middle men, then lesser men.  After the Choosing Ceremony, there is the Wedding in which each man is wed to his chosen wife.  They go to their new home, provided by the Council, and begin their new life.  The women learn to sew and create clothes as well as recieve a one acre garden to grow their own food. The men choose whether they wish to continue the hunting or go on to the Trade or even mine for the great, rare Arkenfire stone.  If you find it, you are rewarded with 5000 profuars (equivilant to 500,000 dollars) and you are able to live a life of comfort.  (see Money and Economy for money references)


The religion in Andreil is very lax, having many different religions and ceremonies.

Money and EconomyEdit

The money used by the Andreilians is profuars.  It is equivilant to 1.5 dollars in current dollars.  The money is used on a daily basis from anything such as bananas grown in Andreil itself to a drink at a local tavern.  The money is