City of Glass is one of the 9 main regions in moose land, with an estimated population of 20,000 people. City of Glass is a region in between 2 other areas. KoukouBayia is the region to the west, and Fyra to the east. This is a city that rose from the ashes after the war with Fyra, and is now out to protect its citizens. The city has over 200 indoor gardens to feed the citizens, and over 100 farms on the outskirts of the dome to transfer inside the city.
Bridging knowledge to health

the underground tunnel leading inside and outside the city


  • Birds roam around freely inside the dome
  • Lions roam on the outskirts of the city
  • Dogs can be kept as pets
  • Uni-Puggies live trough out a couple of households
  • Dragons are sometimes seen flying over the city

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The City of Glass may be an isolated area, but its main sport is soccer. Its a sport most people in the city play, and its dome is a reprecentation of the Azteca stadium.