In the brief moments that Ryo has control over his body, he doesn’t try to get away from the Kareta Mero. He had been taught not to try and escape by his failed attempt at running from the thing a few days ago. The darkness inside the circle of metal that hung from the thin leather cord that wrapped around his neck like a loose collar (or a noose…) had plans that moved slowly, and, currently, Ryo was essential to those plans. That meant that he was safe. For now.

            Ryo was currently washing his hands after cooking a rather grandiose meal, which he had made to spoil himself, and, looking into the mirror, he found a face with a malicious grin and mad, gleaming eyes looking into his. Ryo quickly snapped his eyes shut, saying in his mind, All that you are is a face in the mirror. If I close my eyes, you’ll disappear.

            A voice resounded through his head, responding, as if to haunt him, I’m what you face with your face in the mirror. Long as you live, I will still be here. You can’t just forget about me, dear host. For now, I will allow you some freedom, but if I am disobeyed again, there will be consequences.

            By command, the Kareta Mero began to heat up, slightly irritating his already branded skin. Ryo looked up, glaring at the face in the mirror, and said,” You’ll eventually leave. I won’t last forever.”

            At this point, the voice said something that sent shudders rippling down the white-haired boy's spine. In a mocking tone, it said, You won’t have to last very long at all, ignorant little host. Not long at all. The Kareta Mero glowed again, and Ryo was ripped away from control of his body yet again.