A close likeness to the cathedral that Ryo runs into.

                 Ryo had finally taken the Kareta Mero from around his neck and, in a moment of spiritual strength, had quickly proceeded to throw the thing out of the window into the woods. He then dashed out of the empty house and ran down the quiet, forlorn street. The streetlanterns, lit by an unextinguishable light, began to flicker, sometimes blinding Ryo in their brighter moments. As he ran past each set, they extinguished themselves do to an ungodly magic overtaking their light. In front of him, the form of a cathedral emerged from the darkness. Cathedrals could keep out evil things, couldn't they?

          Ryo ran to it, banging open the door, and stumbled inside, panting heavily. The door closed silently behind him, and the candles lit themselves in response to his presence. Ryo knelt at the altar and began to whisper, begging for forgiveness and safety. In a moment of sudden panic, he quickly stood and looked over his shoulder at the door, having never shut it. Why was it closed now?

          A voice suddenly reverbrated through the cathedral, silencing all thoughts of escape. The voiced asked Ryo if he really thought that a door and some prayers would keep him safe from the dark, from it. Ryo shouted at the voice in desperation, pleading for it to go. The sinister laugh reverbrated again through the room, before the voice said that Ryo never had to speak to address it. Ryo realized with horror that the voice wasn't reverbrating through the room. It was reverbrating through this mind!

        "Did you really think that you could get away that easily, Host?" the Voice asked in a mocking tone. "That is simply not the truth, Host. I've waited far too long for a suitable body for it to fall through my fingers. I'm never going!"

                   Accommpanying a burst of magic, the stained glass in the windows and Ryo's mind shattered. As glass rained down around him, Ryo didn't seem to notice it, looking down at the golden glow forming around his neck. The artifact appeared, branding its shape into his pale skin. An unholy gust of wind shot from Ryo's shadow, extinguishing the candles and breaking Ryo's resistance.  

         For now.