A body fell to the ground. Ryo sighed as he began to pick up the pieces of the game they had been playing. It was one of his own design called Monster World. The game involved creating characters and moving them through a world of monsters in order to defeat the dark god Zorc Necrophades. His friend, Koba, had wanted to play with him and had paid the price.

         Ryo picked the lookalike doll of Koba, made by Ryo, up off the board and stroked its head. He had painted it with a smile on its face, but now it had a look of suprise mixed in with horror. Ryo, having wiped the board clean, stood up from his seat and walked over to a doll house. He sat the doll in the living room, speaking in a strange falsetto to another doll with a similar look of terror upon its face. Looking at that doll, Ryo felt a surge of pity, seeing the deep gouge in the wood with the doll's face painted. He had been very messy the first time, after all.

         Ryo sighed again, placing the doll on the tiny sofa, and got up off the floor. Ryo turned and took a few steps before brightening considerably. He had invited his friend Yumi over a few days previously, and she would be over on Saturday. He had so much to do! Ryo had to hide a body, paint a doll, and set the game in just a few days! He sighed, stroking the Kareta Mero that hung from his neck, and walked over to Koba's soulless body. Soon he would never be alone!