This is Henry Thustle when he was 17. He has changed since but no one has found a more recent photo of him.

Henry Jean Thustle,18, is one of the three Generals that led the Technology Rebellion against the citizens of Magella and Scorpius.

Early YearsEdit

Family and Mother's DeathEdit

Henry Jean Thustle was born on May 2nd to parents Olivia and Nathan in Leo City Hospital. He is the oldest of six with three brothers and two younger sisters.

When Henry turned 9 his mother died of disease and Henry, still too young for work took care of his siblings until he became of age at 13. Henry instead focused on his schooling. Henry greatly succeded finishing his schooling early and reading as much as he could about OKT's history.

When Henry turned 13 he was then forced to work with his now abusive father in the fields collecting grapes. Henry matured quickly and gained a working set of muscles. He pretended to be dumber then he was and and pretended use his muscles instead of brains when working.

Running AwayEdit

At the age of 16 Henry fought with his father and then the next night ran away. Henry then ran away the next day and was relocated to Trading Town.


Henry has a set build for his harvesting and work in Trading Town. There he loads trucks set for other cities and he works endlessly. Henry has grey eyes and raven black hair that is usually down falling on his face.


Henry perferring to keep to a quiet life in Trading Town hoping to work enough to one day go back and find his sisters to take them away from his father. Henry seems to have a failing memory after he is struck with an unknown weapon by one of the royal heads. When this happening Henry becomes confused and though he remembers most he can't remember his favorite book or how old one of his sisters is. Henry is smart and evenly tempered.


"RatFace" is one of Henry's only friends once he moves to Trading Town. "RatFace"'s real name is never mentioned as Henry had seemed to have forgotten it when he was hit on the head. Henry does know however that he's his friend and that everyone calls him RatFace. RatFace is a sarcastic duller friend that has horrible grammar and doesn't completely understand anything outside the small life that he has been living in Trading Town his entire life. Unlike Henry he doesn't want to go to Magella or Scorpius just to see what is out there. "RatFace" was born on September 19 a few years old than Henry at 23. RatFace stayed in Trading Town when Henry left for Magella only to then return to help Henry in The Battle of No Man's Land. RatFace is said to have greasy black hair and blue eyes.

Other FriendsEdit

Peggy Flats and Marc Gladney meet Henry by conicidence when Peggy is trying to leave the grocery store and Marc is dropped off at Trading Town.