The Hikara, sister race to the Yama, are settled in the land of Kalaibar. Being of a Light race, they prefer truth and kindness to lies and sabatoge, but they will fight if needed.


The Hikara are a kind race, believing in unity and equality. They have a deep connection with their sister race, the Yama, and the two races prefer each other's company to any other.

While the Yama lie, the Hikara tell the truth. If a Hikara lies after the youngling stage of life, they are disgraced and forced to leave in exile, living the rest of their 1,000 lives in solitude. There are some exeptions to this rule, such as Ryo Karuna .


The Hikara, along with their sister race the Yama, live for 1,000 years, the second-longest-living of all races on Moose Island.