Where the river flows in from the sea.

Kalaibar, part of the area of [working title here] is the uppermost area of previously mentioned area. It is the home of the Yama and Hikara, two races of unknown species, hailing from another land. When they arrived, they killed all cruel inhabitants, and gave kind ones the chance to flee, before naming the area Kalaibar.


Kalaibar has been settled twice, first by the Andreilians before they fled from their cruel ruler. It was later settled by the Yama and Hikara, who killed the cruel king before renaming the area Kalaibar, after the only thing they remember from where they came from.


Kalaibar is mostly plains land, with a river running through it before running to Andreil and the sea. There are several forests containing mythical creatures such as Unipuggi. Starroses are indiginous to this area, as are moontulips.