The country of OKT has a capital called Magella, this capital is protected by a mountain range and and a no man's land to keep unwanted "visitors" from catching a glimpse.

The CityEdit

Magella and Scorpius share similar characteristics such as their large cities, advanced technology,and a power family from the parliament.
Nocturnal Lines

a glimpse of travel tubes in progress

The City of Magella is known as the buisness division because most of its inhabitants work for the government. Like all divisions it has workers that perform everyday jobs. The citizens also recieve a specific amount of pay based on intelligence. Care is given to those who have disabilities and the elderly free of charge. Most citizens live in an apartment in one of the many skyscrapers. Citizens are transported to work in traveling tubes which stream across the city from place to place. The royal families meet here each month to discuss problem the country is dealing with.

The Outskirts Of MagellaEdit

The outskirts of Magella are not covered by a deadly no man's land as everyone except the citizens of Magella think. The only thing outside downtown Magella is more space for citizens to live. The lie of the outskirts was created to keep others out.