Marc Gladney, the protagonist from the OKT country, is rebellious and angsty. When around others, he acts as if he is brave, rude, and sarcastic, just to make an impression.

Although he hates to admit it, Marc holds intense grudges against anyone who has ever even slightly mistreated him. He has a great ego and gets very jealous very easily. One way to describe Marc is to say that he's very difficult to get along with.

Marc can relate to women with his ability to empathize with his good friends.  


Marc has messy black hair and grass-green eyes. He tends to slouch and frown constantly.


Unlike the rest of his family Marc does believe that everyone in OKT should be treated fairly and share the advanced technology that everyone else is being excluded. So Marc smuggled in truck drivers through the travel tubes to Scorpius. Marc was quickly found out. The people were ready to go back to Trading Town and begin a revoultion to over throw the government.

The truck driveres were quickly and swiftly killed by the gorernment and Marc was then accused of the murders and was banished to Trading Town as a criminal. There he meets Peggy Flats, and Henry Thustle. Marc first however, has to get rid of a tracker inside his skin that is making sure he doesn't talk about the technology and makes sure he stays within the city.

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