Chapter 1 

Here is chapter one of the story from the realm of OKT.

     Aaaaaggggh! I was being flown across the country at over 200 kph in a sleek, beautiful, orange jet. There was one main problem... I wasn't in it. I was dangling from a cage connected to a long metal chain. Unfortunately for me, I was being relocated from by beautiful home on the island of Syzygy to the city in the drab division of Trading Town. I hear a muffled noise come out of my speaker. Then it repeats a bit louder, in a sarcastic tone. "Hey Marc, how's the view?" It was too late to answer now. I was being dropped from my cage and onto the cement ground. This was the third time I screamed today. 

   I heard the metal of the cage scrape the ground. A man came down from the brightly-colored prison-jet to smile right in my face. Although I didn't want to accept my fear, my hands were trembling.

   Unfortunately they didn't tell me where I was going to be living in they town. I wish they had because I definitely needed some time to prepare. How could I transition from a lush penthouse on a private island to a tiny wooden shack, but I guess I would have to...

   Looking around carefully, I took my first step out of the small cage and I immediately felt the urge to stretch my stiff muscles and calm my pounding heart. The man looked at me and all I could think of is how much I wanted to return to Syzygy.