Ryou Bakura

What Ryo Karuna looks like.

Ryo Karuna is a Hikara that currently lives in the western area of Kalaibar.


Ryo is a male Hikara that has white hair that goes down his back, tapering into points at certain areas. His eyes can alternate between a warm brown color and a strange cold blue when using his magical powers.


On the surface, Ryo is calm, cool, and collected with general politeness pervading his words. However, on the inside, Ryo is a scared boy who had responsibility thrust upon him far too early by the death of his mother, Kasumi, and his sister, Amane. His favorite food is cream puffs. He still writes letters to them in hope that they can hear. His father, Tourzoki, quickly remarried, leaving Ryo behind in a small house with enough money to survive on. He often finds it hard to make friends because of his shyness, but when he does, he never lets them go due to abandonment issues. Ryou has more friends that are girls than boys because he finds it easier to relate to the things that girls in the village want to do. He would much rather curl up reading a book, which is what girls in his village would like to do, that go outside and explore, which is what most boys in his village would like to do. However, Ryo is often possessed by the spirit of the dark god Zorc, who is controlling Ryo in order to somehow bring himself back to corporeal form. 


Ryo's main skill is his magical ability, enabled by the Kareta Mero that his mother was given as a gift from his father. This artifact allows Ryo to remove souls from their bodies and place them in objects. He usually does this with friends, trapping them in dolls so that they will never leave him. Otherwise, Ryou is a master at deception and lies quite frequently.


Ryo possesses only his dolls, which he cares for dearly. The house is owned by his father, and he is sent money monthly in order to survive.