In the country of OKT, there are many different animals and plants. Some are dangerous and deadly, so all people in the land must be aware at all times.

Animals of OKT (Fauna)Edit

A Gryfin is a half-hawk, half-mountain lion. These animals are severely overpopulated. They swarm in thousands and are easily provoked, causing thousands of deaths each year.

Ogres: ogres are unexpectedly beautiful, but they're unintelligent and huge. These giants are magic-users.

Dog-fox: amazingly strong and fast, they run in packs and are friendly and loyal. These also are the most common pets in OKT.

Unipuglets: cute rambunctious pink pugs that can sometimes cause injuries from their large horns.

This is a small unipuglet.

Plants of OKT (Flora)Edit

Flaming ivy: a deadly plant, it has the ability to breathe fire in mile-long fields.

Pink foxes: a tasty pink fruit that grows on the chongo tree in the jungle, these fruits get their name from their fox like face.