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The Chase By: Gcnd and RKRR


What the red dragon looks like, but its really small right now.


A map of the world.

The Delivery---ElizaEdit

         Eliza was flying, she loved flying. Today she was flying over Andriel . There were beautiful mountian-tops here, but today was not for enjoyment. Today she had to deliver the dragon to John. John would give it to his sons, Pheonix and Alex. If the dragon bonded with either, it would be celebrated through out the land of Andreil. She landed, like usual, as Eliza jumped down Syren, her dragon shrunk to about the size of her neck so she could curl around it.

"Hello, Princess Eliza." John greated.

"Hello John." She Replied.

"Do you have the dragon?" He asked.

"Yes, its right here. Also it's red." She replied giving it to him.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" He asked, genuinely curious.

"It's a boy, please make sure he is treated well, John." She told him.

"I will." He responded. And that was that and soon she was off, flying back to Ninjaduck Island.


The Finding Out ------ElizaEdit

Eliza was walking when she found out. Alex, one of the two possible dragon handlers, had killed the dragon. There was a hunt for him about to go out. They were going to find Alex and imprision, or kill him. The wood elfs  made it clear that they would either get to Alex, or the treaty was over. Now the Andreil people prefered that they tried to get Alex, because after all dragons were wonderful and useful things.

"Fire." Eliza thought aloud.

"What, Princess?" A rider asked.

"If it comes to it, we can use the fire breathing ability." (Eliza)

"I hope he surrenders Princess, he deserves to see justice." (The rider)

"Yes, but we will kill him if we have to." (Eliza)

"Yes, Princess, we will." (The rider)


The Hunt  Part 1----------ElizaEdit

John told them that his son, Abel (who happened to be a monkey) and his son's girlfriend were all gone, on the run. Eliza told him that she would deliver mercy opun his son if possible. Then she thanked him. John let out a barely audible sigh of belief, but Eliza heard it, she was a wood elf after all. Eliza and the riders headed out, but were stopped by Pheonix, Alex's brother. He told them that Alex most likely would be heading northwest.

Towards OKT.

They headed that way too.


The Hunt Part___----------ElizaEdit


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