Ryo didn't first discover the Kareta Mero when his mother died. He and Amane, his sister, used to play in Father's study often and one day thet found it. Amane, always curious, had touched it, and, before Ryo could reprimand her, Amane was in his arms, sobbing her heart out. Ryo shouted frantically in a soft tone, for he never used a harsh tone with Amane,"What happened, Amane??!"

Amane looked up into her brother's face, eyes glistening with tears, and said,"Its that thing, Ryo! That horrible artifact is full of darkness, and that darkness is evil, corrupting everything it touches. The darkness says that it will corrupt you too! Please Ryo, don't ever touch it!"

Of course, Amane died soon, and Ryo wrote her letters. One day, Ryo found his memories of her fading, and, alarmed, he began to try gather up everything that he associated with her. Ryo went into Father's study again, trying to remember everything he could of her, began to look through the room. Ryo came across the Kareta Mero and brushed his hand across its surface. A voice, full of malice, sounded in his head, saying," Finally, host. I've been waiting for quite some time to come across an available mind, and yours, while below average, will work. We have work to do." Ryo fell to the floor.