An octagram

 The Kareta Mero is the artifact possessed by Ryo Karuna. A piece of the dark god Zorc's soul inhabits it, allowing Zorc to possess Ryo.


Nobody is quite sure where the Kareta Mero came from. The only definite fact is that it has beem around for millenia. Otherwise, it was found to be a gift found by Ryo's father who game it to Ryo's mother. Kasumi, Ryo's mother, instantly hated the thing and kept it in a drawer in Ryo's study until it was found by Amane and later Ryo in The Discovery.

Description and AbilitiesEdit

The Kareta Mero is a strange circle of an unknown metal. Carved onto each face there is a circle of runes saying dark things. A octagram is engraved in the middle of these runes.

The Kareta Mero has the ability to separate souls from their bodies alongside other abilities.