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Tom Chase 80 years later

Tom Charlie Chase is a normal teenager living in the City of Glass with his mother and father. He learns that there is a mountain in the eat with a peak high enough that you could see the extent of the glass dome in The Glass City. He then decides to travel at the age of 15 in the year 2880, 10 days before the asteroid 1998 FG hit the glass city. This caused the mass destruction of most people in the City of Glass and the glass dome itself. Tom would then rush back and re-colonize his former city and would finish to create the second dome in 2890, creating it of iron to save the new people in the City of Iron. This was a precoution to another asteroid heading to Earth in the year 3278. 


He became the ruler of the city 2 years after the dome was finished. He would then rule for the next 90 years