Christopher Columbus Statue, Baltimore

An example of a famous explorer statue.


Tennis balls.

Standard life spansEdit

Their life spans last pretty much forever. They generally only die when killed. Though it has been known that one or two have died of sickness. They do not usually get depressed or commit sucide. 

Soccer ball

Normal looking, wood elf soccer balls.


They generally explore, play soccer and do tennis for sports. Exploring is considered a sport because so many love it. Pretty much though exploring consists of actuall exploring and dragon riding contests. Exploring is more of a male sport, while all the other sports are equal. Though 1/3 of all Explorers are female.

Fire Breathing Mythical Dragon

An example of a dragon.

Head Instincts (1)

Some tennis rackets.


They are a peaceful people. Wood elfs have a bond with dragons as well as the land. They generally aren't criminals, but it has been known that the ocassional crime happens. Wood elfs love their sports. 

Gaudi's dragon

This is a typical fence decoration , because both the castle and dragon den have it and also it involves a dragon.


N440 w1150

A drawing of a rare dragon shape.

They come in all colors and generally can grow, breathe fire, fly, speak allowed 

or telepathaticaly, bond with people and ONLY GREEN dragons can influence people's emotions by singing/humming at any size, they go to the queen and princess(es?) Click here for more info about dragons