The Yama are the sister race to the Hikara. Being of Dark nature, they prefer sabatoge and subtlety to straightforwardness and assault.


Yama are a confusing race in the most basic sense of the word. Most of their lives are shrouded in mystery, and the small part of it that you see is only because they allow you to.

They only speak the truth when in a whimsical mood or when it benefits them most. They weave lies in the way that a spider weaves a web, ensnaring the unfortunate soul to become trapped in their lies and never letting them go.

They have often enjoyed telling people of treasure in a region where there is none and sending them off on quests frow which they never return. Only the Hikara, their sister race, can communicate with them without ending up dead, and that is because they are family.


The Yama, along with the Hikara, are the youngest race on Moose Island, yet live the longest. They live in excess of 1,000 years going through three stages of life: youngling, scholar, and martiarch/partiarch. In the youngling stage, they love to hear stories, in order to corrupt them and make them twisted. In the scholar stage, they learn, in order to better enforce their lies. Finally, in the martiarch/patriarch stage,they offer advice to their own race and to the Hikara, while offering false advice to any other race.

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